Wigs and Toppers

Choosing Your Wig or Topper

Choosing your first wig can be overwhelming -- especially online. Each manufacturer has its own signature fibers (synthetic, human hair. blends), processing procedures, hair density, hair textures, and color palettes. Not all manufacturers are equal: Some specialize in high-end, natural-looking, low density wigs and also produce exceptionally comfortable medical grade wigs. Others are known for fashion-forward styles with bold color palettes.

I've Done the Research for You

Bring your questions to your consultation. I’ll give you a crash course on wig fibers, wig cap construction, and more. I work with the top designers of premade wigs in North America and Europe, and take pride in staying on top of current collections. There’s nothing like being able to see, touch, and try on a wig before you commit!

An Alternative to a Full Wig

If you have slight to moderate hair loss, toppers can be the perfect solution. Toppers are hair pieces that attach to the top of your head with small pressure-sensitive clips, and blend seamlessly with your biological hair. They are lightweight and easy to use, add instant fullness, conceal thinning, and weigh next to nothing. The most important part of the topper is the base. It’s important to get carefully measured to identify the correct base size for your area of thinning. Toppers come in varying base sizes depending on desired coverage, are available in an array of lengths, colors, textures, constructions (monofilament, machine-made) and fibers (human hair, synthetic, heat defiant fibers.) There is a topper for everyone's budget.

Custom Toppers

- Ideal for concealing areas of hair loss
- Less damaging to your hair than extensions
- Add instant volume and fullness on top of the head
- Extremely natural appearance
- Lightweight and comfortable
- Can help cover grey and roots
- Customizable in style and color (human hair)

Benefits of Toppers

Human hair offers the most natural look and feel. It is, by far, the superior choice if quality is your greatest consideration. 


- Natural looking -- human hair wigs are remarkably soft -- and less shiny than synthetics. 
- Versatile -- can be styled with heat tools such as blow dryers, curling irons and flat irons.
- Customizable -- human hair wigs can be customized by a stylist to get the exact look you’re looking for. 
- Durable -- with the proper care, human hair wigs can last longer than synthetics

It is important to use care products specifically formulated for processed human hair. Keep in mind that a wig made from human hair does not benefit from naturally occurring oils from the scalp. As a result,it is important to hydrate and condition regularly.

Human Hair


I specialize in making custom toppers -- especially for women with Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia. Custom toppers provide you with a wide selection of styles, colors, and hair and base materials that may not be available in stock pieces.

Benefits of Human Hair :

Synthetic Fiber

Synthetic hair has come a long way in recent years. Higher end manufacturers have developed exquisite color palettes, allowing a near perfect color match for most shades of human hair. They require virtually no styling, so they are wonderful if you don’t have time to “fuss” with your hair, or if you’re not feeling well. The style is “baked into” the fibers, giving them “memory”. This lets the style bounce back into place with minimal effort -- even after multiple washings. Bonus: If you get caught in the rain, you’ll be the only one with great hair!

- Traditional synthetics are wash and wear, or shake and go.
- The fibers are incredibly realistic in denier and texture.
- Synthetic wigs hold up in bad weather -- no drooping or frizzing.
- Most affordable option

Benefits of Synthetic Fiber :

Heat-Defiant (HD) / Heat-Friendly (HF) Fiber

Heat-defiant fibers are popular -- and for good reason! Unlike regular synthetics, these fibers can be styled with
heat tools (i.e.: blow dryers, curling irons, and flat irons). 

You’ll notice that heat-defiant wigs look ready to wear right out of the box. The colors tend to be slightly muted and less shiny than regular synthetic -- especially the blonde shades. This fiber also tends to feel more like real human hair; however, it tends to hold onto static, and, as a result, the fibers tend to “clump” together. If they experience too much friction (such as against a collar, car seat, or scarf), HD fibers can frizz and mat more quickly than regular synthetics. Generally speaking, heat defiant fibers do require a bit more TLC than regular synthetics, especially if the wig is shoulder length or longer. 

- The colors of HD fibers tend to be very natural looking 
- The fibers have less of a sheen than traditional synthetics
- Versatility -- can be styled with heat tools
- HD / FB fibers are wash and wear, or shake and go.
- The fibers are incredibly realistic in denier and texture.
- The fibers hold up in bad weather -- no drooping or frizzing.


Anatomy of the Wig

Wigs range in construction from machine made to 100% hand tied -- or any combination of the two.
The amount of hand work on a wig drives the price. Hand-knotting is labor intensive, but results in a beautiful product with natural density and movement.
Hand-tied sections of the wig include lace fronts, monofilament tops, monofilament parts, and hand-tied backs.  

Basic Wig Caps
(also called traditional, classic, machine-wefted or standard) 

The hair of basic wig caps is first sewn onto strips of fabric (cotton, felt, velvet, silk, or otherwise) to create wefts. These wefts are then sewn in overlapping layers,
horizontally across vertical strips of elastic. A fabric backing is added at the top. To hide the wefts so they can’t be seen through the hair, manufacturers add teasing at
the “roots”. This gives standard wefted wigs more fullness and lift than any other wig cap. At the same time, the permanent teasing (also called permatease)
prevents you from changing the part easily.
A standard variation of the basic cap is the open weft cap. As the name implies, the wefts of open-weft caps have more space between them, and do not have the
standard fabric backing -- or they have a very small piece of fabric backing. This results in a much lighter wig cap and provides ventilation. If you tend to run warm, or
are receiving chemotherapy treatments, an open-wefted wig can keep your head cool.

Benefits of Basic Wig Caps :

- Affordability: Basic wig caps are by far the least expensive. If you want more than one wig (one for the gym, one for special occasions etc.)
basic wig caps are the most affordable option.
- Durability: These wig caps are the most durable as they have no delicate, hand-tied sections
- Wash and Wear: These wigs are truly “shake and go”. They are pre-styled, so all you have to do is finger comb them into place -- even after washing. 

Lace Front Wigs

The number one benefit of lace-front wig caps is their ‘natural’ hairline. Lace front wigs give the illusion of hair growing out of your scalp at the hairline.
This allows you to pull your hair back off your face, and when the wind blows, you won’t see the tell-tale sign of the wig’s fabric edge.

Benefits of Lace Front Wigs :

- Naturalness: Lace front wigs are the only cap type that perfectly mimics the look of a natural hairline.
- Wearability: Most lace-front wigs come ready to wear and are pre-cut.
- Styling Diversity: The natural hairline lets you confidently pull your hair back off your face in clips, hairbands, a ponytail, or updo. 

Monofilament Tops / Parts

Monofilament tops (or “mono tops”) give a wig the most natural density and movement possible. Each individual strand is hand tied onto a fine mesh fabric. If you look at the part, you’ll see that monotops give the illusion that the hair is growing from your scalp. Another benefit of monofilament tops is that they allow you to part the hair in any direction -- which is not advisable on a machine-wefted wig. Some wigs have a monofilament part instead of a full monotop. This is a great option as it is less expensive than a full monotop, yet still gives the illusion of a natural scalp. If you have a sensitive scalp, make sure you opt for a double monofilament cap. These beautifully made wig caps are considered “medical grade” as they add a comfort layer that feels soft against sensitive skin.

Benefits of Monofilament Wigs :

- Versatility -- multidirectional parting 
- Most natural density and movement at the top of the wig
- Comfort: Double-monofilament wigs caps won’t irritate your scalp.
- Durability: If you accidentally snag the hair, you won’t risk losing an entire weft of hair.

100% Hand Tied Wigs

This is the gold standard! Wigs that are 100% hand-tied are by far the most comfortable, light-weight and natural looking wigs available. They are ideal for anyone with a sensitive scalp -- especially for those experiencing total hair loss. Generally, 100% hand-tied wigs include a lace front, a monofilament top, and an ultra comfy, light, stretchy fabric in the back onto the strands of “hair” are hand tied. 
The knotting allows the fibers to move just like your biological hair, and gives the wig a very natural density. These are the least “wiggy” wigs! In addition to being incredibly lightweight, 100% hand-tied wigs provide the most secure cap: they have a significant degree of stretch, and feel like a hug for your head. They also give you incredible styling versatility: Deep side parts, ponytails, half-up hairdos, and formal looks -- feel free to style your 100% hand-tied wigs however you want.

Benefits of 100% Hand Tied Wigs :

 - Most lightweight
- Exceptional comfort
- Most natural density and movement throughout the wig
- Durability -- there are no wefts to come loose 
- Most realistic -- no wefts will be visible in the wind


I like that Katherine was so honest ,and there was no pressure to buy.

“I have frontal fibrosing alopecia, and went to see Katherine with my daughter.

 I totally trust her -- she is so compassionate and knowledgeable. It was nice to go to an expert to help me navigate this. Your help was invaluable to me, Katherine!”
-Joan C.


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