Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drop in, or do I need an appointment?

My shop is in my home, so it is not a storefront. Appointments ensure I can set aside the necessary time to provide you the best, personalized service as well as privacy and confidentiality. 

Should I buy a wig online?

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Before Your Appointment

It can be difficult to choose a wig from a catalog or the internet. Colors, styles, and lengths can be different from how they appear online. In addition, you have little assurance about the fit or the weight of a wig until you try it on. If the price looks phenomenal, you can be certain it’s a knock-off company. Lastly, internet sources allow returns, so you may be purchasing a wig someone else has worn. Always read customer reviews about the company before you order online.

Many women prefer to come to me before they actually experience hair loss. Coming in early allows me to see your biological hair color and style, and allows sufficient time to locate and order a wig if it’s not in stock. If you cannot visit before hair loss begins, you can bring a good, current photograph. 

Should I come in before hair loss?  

I have thin, fine hair, but am not ready for a wig.
What are my options?

Toppers are a wonderful option! A topper (or top piece) is a nearly undetectable, clip-in hair piece that adds fullness to thin hair, conceals areas of thinning, and blends in with your own hair. They are incredibly lightweight and comfortable. 

I'm starting to lose my hair, should I shave my head? 

I suggest cutting your hair short (NOT SHAVED), leaving at least 1/2" to 1" of hair. This short hair will be easier to care for, protect your scalp, and will not cause scalp irritation from a razor.

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Which manufacturers’ wigs do you carry? 

I carry wigs and hairpieces from virtually every major manufacturer in the United States as well as Europe. I also provide special order and custom wig services.

I keep approximately 200 wigs and toppers in stock at any given time. My inventory constantly changes to bring in new collections as they are introduced.

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How many wigs do you have in the shop?

Yes -- I carry wigs of every cap construction.

Do you carry lace-front, monofilament-top
and hand-tied wigs?

Yes. I carry a full range of wig fibers: human hair, synthetic, heat defiant, and blended fibers.

Do you carry human hair wigs?

Not at all. If I can do it, you can do it. You will need to wash and condition your wig approximately every 6-8 wears, and use the recommended styling products specific to your wig fibers and construction. Human hair wigs require regular deep conditioning. I will demonstrate proper care and provide you with written care instructions. 

Are wigs hard to care for?

I would say wearing a wig feels like wearing a hat. Putting something new on your head will take some getting used to. To ensure the most comfortable fit, I offer free alterations and carry accessories to address issues of fit and comfort. 

I hear wigs are not comfortable,
what can I expect?

How do I keep the wig on?

 I will properly fit your wig and offer free alterations for a snug (not tight) fit. Most people will experience some slippage issues. I will show you all the tricks and products to ensure your wig will not slip or move with normal wear.


Can I bring someone with me to my consultation?

Absolutely! Your “emotional support person” can provide a second honest opinion and answer the questions you want answered: Does it look like I’m wearing a wig? Does it look like me? Is the color right? Is the length OK, and how does it look from the sides and the back? 

What's involved in a consultation?

Tell me your concerns. Is the density too full? Is the wig too shiny? Is the styling too “salon-perfect”? While I can’t give you your own hair back, I can help you come close. I will show you techniques of styling, customizing, and wearing wigs to help them look natural.Absolutely! Your “emotional support person” can provide a second honest opinion and answer the questions you want answered: Does it look like I’m wearing a wig? Does it look like me? Is the color right? Is the length OK, and how does it look from the sides and the back? 

What if none of the wigs look natural to me?

During your consultation, I’m happy to take photos on your cell phone. If you’re not ready to decide, you can go home and share the photos with people whose opinions you value. I always record the names and manufacturers of the wigs you try, so that when you’re ready to purchase we know which wig you want. 

What if I can't decide?

What if I want a wig that is not in inventory?

I will guide you toward the right manufacturer for your needs, and together we will determine which wig is available in the style, color, fibers, and construction that you want. I will place the order, and you will not be obligated to purchase the wig if it is not what you expected. 


Some insurance companies do. Call the member services department of your insurance provider and ask if they will cover a “cranial prosthesis” (most insurance companies will not cover it if you call it a “wig”) Typically, your doctor will provide you with a prescription for a “cranial prosthesis”, and I will give you a receipt with a specific code which you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Does insurance cover wigs?

Different wig fibers require different care products, but the basic “starter kit” includes wig shampoo and conditioner, a wig stand on which to dry your wig, a wide-tooth wig comb, a wig grip, and a wig cap liner. I provide a thorough
demonstration of wig care. 

What products / accessories will I need?

The no return policy is critical to protect you against any communicable disease that may have been transmitted by a previous wearer. In the shop, I require all clients to wear a single-use liner that I provide at no cost. If, however, we discover a manufacturer’s defect after you take the wig home, I will make sure you get a replacement. 

Why do you have a “No Return” policy?


 She is caring and kind and takes the time to understand your needs to help you find the perfect wig whatever your situation is. Additionally, she takes more time to show you how to wear it, proper fit and care for it so it lasts. Thank you for your amazing service, high quality product, and professionalism!”
- Tina Powers

“Katherine is simply the best !