Consultations give you an opportunity to tell me your likes, dislikes and concerns. I encourage you to ask questions, and to try on a wide range of wigs in different styles, colors and cap constructions. 



 -- and at one point even laughing. Cancer is a scary diagnosis and as a woman the thought of
losing my hair was just too much. But as I sat in Katherine's salon I came to realize how lucky we are that
we have a solution to that part of the ordeal we are facing. Thank you for helping to turn a very sad, sad
woman back to the confident one who existed before the cancer.”
-Marianne Meihl

“I walked in Katherine's shop a full bundle of emotions but
by the time I left ,she had me smiling

In-Person and Virtual Consultations

Are you a first-time wig wearer? Undoubtedly, you have questions and concerns about how to shop for a wig that will look natural and beautiful. Your consultation is designed to help answer all your questions and to determine if alternate hair is for you.
I offer Virtual Consultations for those unable to come into the shop. This is a great way to ask questions about manufacturers, styles, colors, fit, and construction of wigs. We can chat over Skype, Facetime, or Zoom!

If you are able to come in to the shop, Great! I am here to help you, not to pressure you. You might try on the first wig and decide you don’t need to look any further. It happens. More often than not, however, you’ll want to try on a number of wigs to consider your options. I encourage you to bring someone with you -- ideally someone who knows you well and whose opinion you value. We can also “Facetime” with a friend or family member to include them in the process if they are unable to be here physically.

Your Consultation Will Involve:

Fit: I’ll take three important measurements to identify the correct cap size for a comfortable, secure fit
Color: I’ll color matching your biological hair with various manufacturer’s color systems
Style: We’ll try on any styles you like, and determine which works best with your face shape, features, stature and preferences
Construction: We’ll look at various wig constructions and discuss your preferences: classic cap, lace-front, monofilament top, and hand-tied 

Identifying Critical Elements

- Demonstration of how to care for your new wig: combing/brushing, washing, conditioning and care for various wig fibers and cap constructions
- Reviewing the use of the styling tools that are safe for each type of wig fiber
- Reviewing wig maintenance tips to extend the longevity of various wig fibers
- Discussion of what not to do when wearing a wig 
- Addressing the pros and cons of wearing nylon wig caps under a wig
- Discussion of wig-specific products (shampoo, conditioner, detangler, thermal spray, texture creams, wig spray, and more)
-Reviewing travel tips: packing a wig, swimming, sun safety, airport security and more
-Addressing the initial sheen of new wigs 
-Inspecting your wig for manufacturer’s defects

Overview of Wig Care and Maintenance

- Practicing putting the wig / topper / wig grip on and taking it off
- Fitting the wig you select, and custom altering while you wait 
- Assessing the fit to identify solutions for slippage issues (we have all the tricks/solutions)
- Reviewing wig grips, gel grips, wig liners, adhesives, wig tape, clips, and more

Addressing Comfort and Secure Fit

- Trying on numerous wigs and/or toppers of different cap constructions
- Viewing your favorites in various lighting conditions
- Trying accessories like, night caps, wig liners, turbans, and more

Hands-On Appreciation

- Discussion of customization options -- and free minimizing/maximizing volume, changing the part, thinning excess density, adding baby hairs, toning down New Wig Sheen, and more
- List of local hairstylists who are experienced in cutting wigs -- that being said, a stylist can trim bangs and the nape and add some texture or layers, but you should not significantly alter the shape of a wig. It is better to find a wig that is more like the cut you’re after.
- Free custom alterations for a secure and comfortable fit


Consultations are $30/hour, but the fee is deducted from the price of a wig when you make a purchase.

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Whether your hair loss is only temporary or permanent, I’ll work with you to find the look you want in a high-quality wig, topper, or partial piece. To schedule an initial consultation with The Hair Lady in State College, PA ...