Products for Alternative Hair


I carry wig products that keep your wig looking great and extend the longevity of your purchase. 
* Shampoo and conditioner for synthetic and human hair wigs
* Texturizing cream
* Heat-treat thermal spray for use with heat tools
* Detangling spray
* Argon oil for deep conditioning human hair wigs
* Luster-restoring spray
* 8 oz care kits for human hair and synthetic wigs
(shampoo, conditioning spray, and detangler)
* 2 oz travel kits for human hair and synthetic wigs
(shampoo, conditioning spray, and detangler)


Caring for and styling your wig is easy with the right tools. Let me show you how to customize your wig and make it look incredibly natural each time you wear it.

* Wig clamps for foam heads
* Wide toothed wig combs
* Looped brushes for alternative hair
* Chin straps which allow you to style your wig while wearing it
* Wig stands -- allows air to circulate and completely dry the wig cap after washing


These products can be used alone or in combination to make sure your wig stays securely on your head. I’ll ensure you have the right products so you can feel 100% confident your wig will stay in place.

* Velvet wig grips bands (for classic and lace-front wigs)
* Sew-in clips and combs
* Blue and red wig lace tape
* It-Stays adhesive and adhesive remover


These items are perfect to wear on days that you don't want to wear a full wig, yet still want to look your best while doing errands, going to the gym, or just running around town. 

* Turbans (available in fashion-forward styles, prints, and fabrics)
* Halos -- wig alternatives! They create the illusion of a full head of hair along the sides and back. They are worn with any hat, scarf, turban or head cover.
* Bangs -- an attachable / detachable piece to wear with a head covering


Let me show you the best comfort products available to wear under a wig or at night to keep your head warm after hair loss.

* Wig caps (mesh and fishnet)
* Cotton sleep caps
* Nouli caps -- comfort seams, bamboo fiber, infused with aloe
* Gel bands -- can be chilled for wig wearers who tend to run warm
* Headline-It -- moisture wicking wig liners


In values of $25 and up

“Going through cancer is more than
                             enough to challenge someone...

A Few Favorites


 losing your hair through the process is just as difficult as the treatments.. Katherine helped me through this part of my journey with kindness, humor and attentiveness. I highly recommend The Hair Lady for situations like mine or any other hair replacement needs you may have!”
-Mardi McDonough

“Going through cancer is more than enough to challenge someone...